Tips for great PR content

Finding the right words

There is so much more to creating compelling PR content than simply having a way with words. The right tone of voice is essential and authenticity, honesty and accountability are the watchwords for telling your story in 2020.

Finding the right words can put your brand and vision at the forefront of people’s minds – and keep them there. The wrong ones can alienate your audience and could even ruin your reputation.

We’ve PR content for countless annual reports, brochures, direct mail, blogs, newsletters … in fact any type of communication that needs polished prose. What’s more, we are also happy to share our tips of the trade.

Four tips for great PR content steps

Before we start to create content, we consider four key elements: Audience, Aims, Outcomes and Requirements.

Mapping out your PR audience

Your target audience wants to know who are you, why you are telling them this and above all, why should they care? Are you cold calling or already pen friends? Are they experts who understand industry-speak or would plain English be better? Saying what you mean, doesn’t mean using the simplest words, just those that your audience will understand. Always maintain your reputation as an expert and keep your readers onside.

Mapping out your PR aims

Why are you creating content? Are you looking to inform, educate or influence?  Perhaps you are fulfilling a legal requirement to communicate with stakeholders by publishing an annual report or writing to inform them about a specific issue.

Mapping out your PR objectives

What is your call to action? Is it clear to your audience what you want them to do? For example, are you asking them to take action, make a decision or read the content for information or review?

Be explicit and leave the reader in no doubt about your meaning or purpose.

Mapping out your PR requirements

What is the best format to publish your content? Is your audience busy and stretched for time, or can they read your content at leisure? Do they need a snapshot, key headlines or an in-depth report?

So there you have it, our four-step checklist for great PR content – it hasn’t failed us yet!