PR to promote AGI support for Locus Charter

PR content to highlight the AGI’s pledge to promote the ethical use of location data by signing up as a Locus Charter supporting organisation.

Together with its members, the AGI will contribute to the Charter’s on-going evolution by providing input and thought-leadership, applying case studies, and incorporating best practices to strengthen its Founding Principles.

Denise McKenzie, AGI Chair and collaborating author of the Locus Charter said: “Our mission is to be a thriving geospatial community that actively supports a sustainable future. As geographers and geospatial professionals, we have an amazing opportunity to use our tools and expertise to achieve this, but we recognise that our contributions must meet the highest ethical standards.”

“The AGI is therefore proud to join the founding Locus Charter supporter group and is committed to providing a collaborative platform to help ensure a responsible future for the geospatial profession.”

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