Conversational and informative copywriting for a geospatial product launch.

Copywriting for an animation to launch a new mobile platform for spatial data

We provided copywriting services for an animation introducing spatial data users to a new mobile platform developed by 1Spatial.

• Content creates a connection with the target audience through familiar language used within their own business.

• Emphasises user-focussed solution with dynamic, concise and direct key words.

• Benefits presented using relatable examples that reflect real-world challenges faced by customers.

• Breaks USP into three memorable headline messages.

• Powerfully demonstrates 1Spatial’s expertise in managing geospatial data with compelling copy.

“I would highly recommend Rhian and always really enjoy working with her on projects. The quality of her writing is excellent and she is both creative and detailed in her approach. She is a really valued member of our team, incredibly reliable and always able to adapt her knowledge and style to the brief.”